Our Beginnings

In 1975, Bob and Sylvia Caldwell, owners of a small bedding plant business, developed a line of home fragrance products, their successful sachet envelopes, to fill the seasonal lulls that are evident to the plant market. Over the years, with the addition of products such as candles, potpourri, & room sprays, the Caldwells established Grace Management Group, a company that includes several retail-marketed fragrance brands.

In 1999, Grace Management began investigating the direct-selling industry in an effort to find new avenues for viable growth and to positively impact the end consumer. They started researching market trends and strengths. After a successful test phase starting August 2000 and using the home party plan, Grace Management pressed onward. Operating under the name WillowBrook at Home, the test market phase continued through the year of 2001.

As the testing continued, it became evident that the company wanted to set itself apart from other home party companies. The company strives to give consultants more than just items to sell, because they want to convey their vision of having "products with a purpose." Thus, Quiet Places was created.

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